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DYKL, branded as Love Radio Kalibu is the flagship FM station of Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at Veteran Ave., Kalibo, Philippines.

5:00-8:00---Good Morning Love!------------Lala Banderas
8:00-9:00---Tambalan with Nicole & Chris
9:00-1:00---Morning Love Drive-----------Tommy Tambay
1:00-3:00---Afternoon Love Express-----Cherby Dora
3:00-5:00---Love 2 Love Cruise----------- Sexy Terry
5:00-8:00---Love & Kisses------------------Papa Jack
8:00-11:00-Sundown Express-------------Ben Balasador

5:00-9:00---Good Morning Love! --------- Ben Balasador
9:00-11:00--Morning Love Drive-----------Lala Banderas
11:00-1:00--Noontime Express------------Ben Balasador
1:00-5:00---Afternoon Love Express-----Tommy Tambay
5:00-8:00---Love 2 Love Cruise-----------Lala Banderas
8:00-11:00--Sundown Express------------Ben Balasador

5:00-9:00---Sunday Golden Morning------Lala Banderas
9:00-11:00--Jukebox Hits
11:00-3:00--Sunday Showdown-----------Ben Balasador
3:00-7:00---Sunday Afternoon Showdown-Lala Banderas
7:00-11:00--Love Express Showdown----Tommy Tambay

contact number: 268-1458
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